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Say Hey and give a Hug

Big dreams, a little bit of hope and always caught inbetween of being doubtful and enthusiastic.


It's just me, simply call me "Bele". I am from a small town in the South of Germany and I have been living in the world for a couple of years now, sometimes here and sometimes where home is. My home city of choice is beautiful Stuttgart, it was love at second sight but it was the real love. I am curious, I love trying out new things and to keep rediscovering them in a new way. This goes for many aspects in my life, people, music, fashion and boxes of chocolate.


The blog "Heys&Hugs" went online 1. May 2017 and it has become my little/big baby since then.


Usually you find me outside in the nature, in a small café, in a bar, at concerts, at flea markets or somewhere else in the furthest corners of the world. I love to meet new people, to write, to think and to understand. My passion is art - listening to, watching, creating and loving artwork that impresses and touches us. A big part of my day happens inside my head. Things occupying my mind and screaming loudly inside my head. So lean back and enjoy the show.

Bele Marie
Bele Marie
Bele Marie
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